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Kangal Dog Rescue

The KDCA believes strongly that rescue is an essential and ethical mission of the Kangal Dog community. We understand that rescue is a demanding effort and we appreciate the incredibly hard work Rescue does, but we are also seriously concerned about liability for the club, board members, and Rescue volunteers without appropriate insurance. We have also learned the any potential rescue insurance will require more concrete procedures, policy, and fee structure; as well as strict adherence to an official rescue email for documentation purposes and transparency in the event of an issue or problem. 

We believe that this lack of rescue insurance is a threat to both the club and its officers.  Accordingly we are reluctantly placing KDCA  Rescue efforts on a very temporary hold while these issues are addressed and rescue insurance is obtained. The Board and the Rescue Committee together will address any rescue/counseling issues or emergencies that come up on a case by case basis until this is resolved. 


We are continuing our efforts to locate affordable rescue insurance that would protect the club, board members, and rescue volunteers and develop a consistent fee structure that will allow us to obtain insurance coverage.  Unfortunately, several companies have discontinued this coverage due to the prohibitive liability it presents. Others offer insurance that is beyond our financial means to buy each year. Some board members have expressed the opinion that they are uncomfortable remaining on the board unless we address this potential personal liability. We have also heard from members who think perhaps a separate nonprofit status for rescue might be more appropriate. Donations would then be tax deductible and the club would not share any liability.   

Our goal is to have a new plan in place by September 1st, 2019. 


In an emergency situation please contact us at

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