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Code of Ethics for Members

and Breeders

As a Kangal Dog owner, I affirm and adhere to the following principles:

  1. I will keep my dogs properly fed, housed, and exercised, and ensure that they receive appropriate veterinary care when it is needed.

  2. I will not allow any dog under my care to roam at large, and will ensure that they are kept leashed, fenced, or under control at all times.

  3. I will encourage all owners of Kangal Dogs and puppies in North America to join the Kangal Dog Club of America, in order to ensure that owners receive support and information about the breed, and to enable owners to play a role in the promotion and preservation of Kangal Dogs.

  4. I will support a policy of desexing for all sexually mature Kangal Dogs that are not intended to be bred, because desexed dogs tend to make more reliable companions and working dogs, and live longer and healthier lives. This is also necessary to prevent the use of Kangal Dogs for crossbreeding, which undermines efforts toward breed conservation and recognition.

  5. I will endeavor by my words and actions to protect the Kangal Dog breed name, breed standard, and genetic integrity, and I will never represent a Kangal Dog by any other breed name.


If I breed a Kangal Dog, I will further adhere to these principles:

  1. I will make sure that anyone acquiring a dog from me understands their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the animal.

  2. I will not breed a Kangal Dog with a breed disqualification.

  3. I will not breed any Kangal Dog that is of poor temperament, especially one that is known to have bitten a person without provocation, or an adult dog that has shown a strong tendency to chase, bite, and injure flock animals, traits which are contrary to a fundamental characteristic of the breed: a reliable guardian temperament.

  4. I will never breed a Kangal Dog with a dog of any other breed, and I will only breed my Kangal Dog to another Kangal Dog of good quality and type, that is either registered/registerable with the UKC, or possesses valid Turkish registration papers.

  5. I will certify the hip status of any breeding dog that I own, and I will do my best to obtain hip certification for any dog that I breed to, so that I can make an informed breeding choice for the welfare of my puppies and their owners.

  6. I will undertake each breeding with careful consideration of the positive and negative characteristics of sire and dam, with the foremost goals of preserving working Kangal type and temperament, and reducing genetic defects such as hip dysplasia in the breed.

  7. I will ensure that the pedigree information of all dogs owned or co-owned has been submitted for inclusion in the KDCA’s Health and Pedigree database, including pedigree information on all current and upcoming puppies that have been produced.

  8. I will cooperate with the KDCA Health Committee by providing hip certification (OFA or PennHIP) reports, as well as information about other health problems which may have a genetic basis that appear in any dogs used in my breeding program, their progeny, and relatives, to the best of my ability.

  9. I will ensure that any dogs that I own and that will produce a litter after March 1st, 2011 will be DNA-certified using the UKC’s DNA service. Proof of DNA certification must be sent to the KDCA club secretary within 6 months of producing a litter when breeding dogs that have not previously been DNA certified.

  10. I will register all Kangal Dog litters born in the US with the UKC. I will also require owners to permanently register every Kangal Dog, in the owner's name or in co-ownership, whether the dog is intact or desexed, so that the KDCA and the UKC can keep accurate records of Kangal Dogs and their ownership.

  11. I will supply my puppy buyers with written contracts that clearly specify ownership, spay/neuter requirements, and breeding agreements, and will specify that dogs not sold specifically as potential breeding animals must not be bred.

  12. I will endeavor to help the new owners of my pups with any behavioral or training issues that may arise and to assist in rehoming dogs that I have bred, so as not to create a burden for Kangal Dog Rescue volunteers.


Code of Ethics for Board of Directors and Officers of the Kangal Dog Club of America


Service on the Board of Directors of a national organization is an important honor and responsibility. Much is expected of officers and the governing Board of the Kangal Dog Club of America (KDCA). The membership of the KDCA relies on its officers and Board to act in its best interests, to be knowledgeable about and proactive on the issues facing the Kangal Dog breed, to study the questions before it and to base decisions on reliable information, to be a good steward of the resources of the organization, and to be honest and trustworthy in all actions. To assure the trust and ethical expectations of the members of the KDCA, I affirm the following:


Duty of Care


In all matters affecting the Kangal Dog Club of America, I will act in good faith and exercise my best efforts in the performance of my duties. I will faithfully prepare for discussions and decisions that affect the KDCA by the KDCA officers and by striving to be knowledgeable on issues of importance to the KDCA and its members. I will be responsible for disseminating information I receive as a Director to all Members with whom I am in contact. I will make decisions based on factual data rather than unsubstantiated opinions. I will make decisions based on what is in the best interest of all members of the KDCA, rather than any one group, individual, or special interest. I will be honest in doing the work of the KDCA and in speaking on behalf of the organization and its leadership in order to foster trust among KDCA members and the public. I will respect my fellow Directors and the members of the KDCA, acknowledging differences of opinion, providing for open and respectful discussion, and making decisions only after listening to all points of view and all available data. I will publicly support the majority decisions made by the Board of Directors, even if I privately disagree. If I am a breeder of Kangal Dogs, I will hold my own business to the highest standards of professionalism, quality, and integrity, because the manner in which I conduct my individual business affairs can affect the public image of the KDCA.




I will not disclose, beyond its intended scope, any information which is marked, designated, or treated as confidential by the Board, officers, or committee members and which I receive as a Director of the Kangal Dog Club of America. I understand that my obligation to maintain confidentiality extends indefinitely beyond my term of office.


Conflict of Interest


I acknowledge that information gathered by the KDCA is for the benefit of all members and the breed. Therefore I will not use any information I receive as a member of the Board of Directors of the KDCA for me own benefit or the benefit of friends, family members or business associates. I will openly declare any actual or perceived conflict of interest that may result from my taking part in discussion or decision making on an issue before the association while having business, professional, or personal interests that could bias my decisions. I further acknowledge the Board of Directors has the sole responsibility for determining whether my interests constitute a conflict and if so what the remedy will be.


Examples of Conflict of Interest:

Example 1:

While serving as the Chair of the Single Registration Committee of the KDCA and the liaison with the UKC, John Doe imports a Kangal Dog from Turkey. John approves this dog for Single Registration without documenting the dog’s origins, submitting photographs, or consulting other members of the Committee. The dog is therefore not held to the same standards as dogs submitted for single registration by other members, and no one is made aware of the conflict of interest.

Example 2:

Jane Doe is contacted in her capacity as President of the KDCA by a magazine writer wanting to do a story on the Kangal Dog in America. Rather than passing this information on to the Publications Committee or the Board, Jane works with the magazine writer on the story and ensures that her own dogs are profiled in the story. No other KDCA members are given the opportunity to talk with the writer or to have photographs or information about their dogs included.


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