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Heelo everyone. My name is Amir from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have always raisedd and trained large dogs mostly german shepherd. I just got a Kangal puppy and he is VERY cute. He is 3 months old. He was on a farm with his mom and dad and other LGD KANGAL DOGS. he is currently adjusting very well into his new settings and very smart dog, he was house trained within 3 days. Slowly geting comfortable with dogs in the park now. I dont know anyone in the city who has a dog like him. So far he is doing great. I dont believe in neutering dogs , and never had any issues in the past with unfixed dogs. It would be nice to hear from someone who had an experience with this bread in the city. Do they wonder and run away. Do they need to be fixed ? Do they change in behavior when they're fully grown? Etc...

If anyone has or had some kind of experience with this bread in the city i would be very interested to hear about their existence.

Thank you

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