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Take control of drawing aesthetics, change order of components, and speed up your design review process. From AutoCAD’s command line or a new command palette, you can quickly access these functions.Translate and Edit Paths:Make your own solid and draft lines. Use the new Scribe tool to quickly create solid and draft paths. (video: 1:10 min.)Edit paths faster by extending or shortening them, and with a single click, translate and rotate paths, as well as create paths from paths.Drafting Intersections:Save time by creating multiple paths with a single click. AutoCAD allows you to store multiple points and lines as one segment, without losing any data.It’s Easy to Change Objects:Work with the new “Source Info” panel, which shows all properties and sources for a particular object. For example, if you highlight a line, you see properties like the width and color, and the line’s source, like an image or path.Create More Objects by Scaling and Resizing:Rapidly resize and move objects, keeping them proportional to one another. Scale objects in groups and their context, while maintaining an existing relationship between objects.Collaborate and Meet:Use markers to add tracking and alternate style support for collaborative drawings. Generate a new style based on parameters like color, thickness, etc., and share it on the web.Save Time With the New Plan View:See all your drawings at a glance with the new Plan view. Easily navigate to drawings, views, and editable objects.Manage Formulas and Variable Text:Manage all the variables that are used throughout your drawings, from Textbox variables to AutoCAD units.AutoCAD for AutoCAD users:Take advantage of the new App Suite for AutoCAD and the new Ribbon. Add new functionality to the right side of the UI and integrate to the new Ribbon. And, for more advanced users, you can now open AutoCAD files natively.Get the most out of your C++ programming experience and unlock more functionality in your C++ development. C++ support in AutoCAD 2020 was much expanded and now includes C++ projects, C++ expressions, Visual Studio.NET, and Visual Studio Workspaces.Read more about the 2be273e24d

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