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Fraudulent Import Pedigree Warning

Recently we received an application for single registration of a dog imported by an American resident from Elvedin Edo Halilovic, who owns Kennel Kangali Edo Zepce, located in Bosnia. We noted some irregularities with the pedigree and sent it to our colleague and KDCA member, Dr. Ana Šebalj, veterinarian and president of Kangal Klub ex Yugoslavia, so that she could communicate with all the kennel clubs possibly involved. The pedigree was from an organization we were not familiar with and it lacked the required breeder information.


Our findings in consultation with Dr. Ana Šebalj, are as follows:

  1. The pedigree was issued from organization named UNIJA, which is not a member of the FCI and is not authorized to use its seal.

  2. This certificate is very similar to the pedigree issued by the organization Kennel Club of KS/BiH (Kennel Club of Bosnia Herzegovina) and has its mark on it. 

  3. The pedigree contains no information about the breeder, which is required.

  4. The number on the pedigree - BHR 20017 Cc - means that the number belongs to a dog of the Cane Corso breed and not a Kangal Dog.

  5. The father and mother on the pedigree have registration numbers from the Turkish Kennel Club (KIF), but the numbers are for completely different Kangal dogs with other parents: KIF-GSB-KAN-0203 FATIH'IN BEKCI (owned by Ana Šebalj) and KIF-GSB-KAN-0096 SHILA (this dog was in Croatia for a time but returned to Turkey to owner Baris Cicek).

  6. Dogs in the 3rd and 4th generations are actually Cane Corso (with the Cc mark) and not Kangal Dogs.

  7. The seal and the certificate are fraudulent copies of the KS RS / BiH seal and certificate.

In conclusion, this pedigree was fraudulent and it appears the seller of this dog has deceived the purchaser.


As we have advised many times before, please consult with us BEFORE going to the expense and effort of importing a dog that may be non-registerable as a Kangal Dog. We regret deeply that unscrupulous individuals or their representatives deceive well-intentioned importers. Please use extreme caution when importing dogs.

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