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KDCA Membership Renewal

These are the membership renewal options for current KDCA members.

Single Registration

This section is for first time registration and is the final step on the Importation & Registration list of requirements in order to be considered by the UKC and KDCA. Please complete all other steps prior to submitting payment.

Donate to the KDCA! Choose your amount.

The KDCA is now officially a non-profit.  All donations to the KDCA are now tax-deductible!

Do you want to donate to the Kangal Dog Rescue Project?

KDCA Microchip Order Form

Please fill out the form completely. Please order your BuddyID microchips early to ensure that you have them when you need them. We will process the orders promptly upon receipt. Your chips will cost $5 per chip, plus shipping, and will be finalized once the following information is submitted.

Shipping Details

Birth Litter Details

baby Ruzha.JPG

Thanks for ordering! You will be contacted by the KDCA to finalize your order.

Microchip Order Form
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