KDCA Membership

Why become a Member of the Kangal Dog Club of America?

Access to the exclusive KDCA Facebook Page

Our dedicated Kangal members are active on our members-only Facebook page. You can ask questions, share stories, post photos, connect with other Kangal enthusiasts around the world. 

First-hand expertise and leadership

From the top down, the KDCA is run by highly intelligent experts on the breed. All of our board members have contributed a great deal to Kangal Dogs through writing, breeding, training and rescue efforts, to name just a few. Their passion for the breed is apparent when members seek advice via email or social media, and their responses are swift. While the KDCA spreads throughout North America, it's a tight-knit online community that is here to help.

KDCA Calendars

Each fall the KDCA produces a calendar for the following year! We fill this calendar with photographs of the club's wonderful dogs and use the proceeds to keep our club running smoothly year round. If you've ever thought your Kangal Dog was the most hilarious and/or photogenic canine you've ever seen, this is your opportunity to show them off!

Invitation to the KDCA Specialty Show

Check out our Specialty page for more information on our bi-annual dog show! 

There are many reasons why becoming a member of the KDCA is a great way to be connected to the breed and owners of other Kangal Dogs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about membership. We look forward to hearing from you!