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KDCA Position on Dog Fighting

Adopted July 2006

The Kangal Dog Club of America stands with the United Kennel Club in firm
opposition to the cruel, illegal, and destructive practice of dog fighting. We believe
that the breeding and use of dogs for fighting is detrimental to the Kangal Dog’s
characteristics and will endanger the breed’s physical attributes, temperament, and
reputation—both locally and internationally. In particular, livestock guardian
breeds are valued for their protective instinct toward their charges, and a graduated
response to perceived threats.

In our continued efforts to protect the essential qualities of the Kangal Dog,
the KDCA takes a strong stand against any breeders who produce dogs for use in
fighting and our Single Registry Committee will reject any dogs that come from a
kennel that is known to breed fighting dogs. Breeders producing dogs for this purpose are
likely to cross breeds to produce extreme physical characteristics and
aggressiveness, and thus any dogs from these lines should not be allowed to enter
the Kangal Dog gene pool, as they threaten the integrity of the breed. Even if other
breeds are not used, breeding dogs will be selected for characteristics that are
inconsistent with the essential qualities of the livestock guardian dog: namely, its
effectiveness and safety as a protector with a balanced temperament and physical

Club members who wish to import breeding stock from other countries,
including Turkey, must be careful to ensure that they are not buying dogs from any
breeders involved in this inhumane activity. Our Club strongly emphasizes the need
for individuals to consult with our Single Registration Committee before purchasing
and/or importing any dogs that are not UKC-registered Kangal Dogs, or that are not
the progeny of UKC-registered Kangal Dogs, in order to ensure that these dog(s) will
be eligible to apply for UKC registration through the Single Registration Committee.

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