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KIF Pedigree and Registration Information for Importing Kangal Dogs

KIF issues two forms of Kangal Dog pedigrees:

  • Category A pedigree (three generations of registered dogs)

  • Category B pedigree (ancestors are either unknown or there are less than 3 generations of registered dogs behind them)

Category B dogs are evaluated and approved for breeding by KIF after the age of 9 months. Preliminary evaluations before 9 months are not permanent. Breeders are required to notify KIF about a proposed breeding with a Category B dog in order for the breeding to be approved and sanctioned. The ensuing litter is visited at approximately one week after birth and markings are recorded. At 8 weeks of age, they are visited again and evaluated, at which time they are also micro-chipped. This system continues until dogs have a full 3-generation KIF pedigree. Buyers need to verify the pedigree information of dogs they intend to import. If the dog has a Category B pedigree, the parent dogs must be approved for breeding, the litter must be sanctioned, and the puppies must be properly inspected by KIF. Insist on documentation before you purchase. KIF registration, even Category A, does not ensure automatic approval for UKC registration. As always, please check with the committee before purchasing an import dog.


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