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Statement from the Turkish Kennel Club - KIF

As the country of origin, Turkey designates the Kangal Dog as its official National Dog. The image of the Kangal Dog has been illustrated on postage stamps as well as celebrated on commemorative coins.

The kennel club Köpek Irkları vc Kınoloji Federasyonu or KIF is the authoritative registry for Kangal Dogs, as well as many other dog breeds in Turkey, and it is an associate member of the FCI (the international federation of kennel clubs).  The KDCA has maintained informal ties with KIF since its formation in September 2006. Recently the KDCA board requested that the UKC publicly recognize that KIF is the authoritative registry for Kangal Dogs in Turkey and permit the KDCA to use registration by the KIF as an acceptable verification of Kangal Dog parentage. We are happy to announce that the UKC has agreed to do so.

The KDCA believes that this more formal association between KIF, the KDCA, and the UKC will bring about a more cohesive effort to preserve the Kangal Dog as a pastoral livestock guardian, as well as a friend and protector of its human family.

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