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Beware of Unreliable Kennel Clubs

Updated: May 28, 2019

Note: Lots of kennel club names and acronyms ahead!

Recently we became aware that some folks are selling dogs as registered Kangal

Dogs but they do not have UKC pedigrees/registrations. They actually have

pedigrees/registrations from one of the less reputable “kennel clubs” and this is

something that is sure to confuse potential puppy buyers. The only legitimate

registry for Kangal Dogs in the U.S. and Canada is the UKC, but many interested

buyers may not know that.

Who are these questionable kennel clubs? These businesses (most are for profit)

sometimes have names or initials that resemble the established kennel clubs,

obviously to more easily confuse people. They also have nice websites and provide

impressive looking pedigrees for breeders to give to their puppy buyers.

Unfortunately, these organizations don’t require dogs to have any proof of pedigree

or breed origin; grant breed registrations only by appearance in a photo; register

dogs without documentation at all and call them “rare breeds”; or register all sorts

of cross-breeds or mixed breeds with cute names. They often cater to puppy mills by

offering discounts for high volume breeders.

These unreliable kennel clubs include:

  • Continental Kennel Club (CKC) - not to be confused with the Canadian Kennel


  • Universal Kennel Club International (UKCI)

  • Dog Registry of America (DRA)

  • North American Purebred Dog Registry (NAPDR)

  • United All Breed Registry (UABR)

Reputable kennel clubs are organizations that maintain breed standards (primarily

written by the parent breed club) and record pedigrees in a registry. They sponsor

dog events from conformation shows to active events like obedience, scent work,

agility, etc. The established kennel clubs have also been around for a long time; they

include the American Kennel Club (1876), United Kennel Club (1898), Canadian

Kennel Club (1888), and the British Kennel Club (1873). In Turkey, KIF is the official

kennel club that belongs to the international kennel club umbrella organization the


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