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The Purpose and Value of an Open Registration Policy

Jan Dohner

Our ability to maintain an open registry within the UKC and under the control of the club is invaluable to our breed. The pitfalls of closed registries with limited gene pools are well known. Our responsibility to carefully evaluate new dogs is highly consequential and complicated by a continually changing situation.


In general, the Single Registration Committee of the KDCA works to register Kangal Dogs who are the offspring of non-UKC registered parents that are adequately documented. Usually, these dogs are imported directly from Turkey or Europe, or are the progeny of Turkish imports. Today, most of these dogs have FCI or KIF registrations of some sort, a significant change from our earlier days when imports were most often landrace village dogs or dogs from Turkish and European breeders and fanciers who obtained dogs from working backgrounds. As the FCI governing authority for the breed in Turkey, KIF (Turkish Kennel Club) inspects and registers dogs in Turkey and increasingly at European FCI shows as well. Recently the UKC decided that we would also be responsible for registering dogs from UKC parents whose original breeder failed to register the litter. The UKC will not accept single registrations for Kangal Dogs without our approval and recommendation, and our relationship with the UKC remains good and


As part of our club policy in opposition to dogfighting and against any breeders who produce dogs for use in fighting, the Single Registry Committee has long rejected any dogs from a breeder or kennel known to breed fighting dogs. Recently, a breeder in Turkey who we had formerly rejected for his involvement in dog fighting, sent us a letter expressing remorse for allowing a dog he owned to be involved in two fights many years ago. To the best of our knowledge, he has not been involved in fighting since that time. After discussion with this breeder and the board, we have accepted his apology and his resolve to avoid any association with dogfighting. In the future, we will evaluate dogs from his kennels on their own merit for single registration in the UKC.

The KDCA policy for single registration and the guidelines for importing a Kangal Dog are found on the club website at


We continue to field many initial requests from people who believe their dog looks or acts like a Kangal Dog. In other cases, people with AKC registered Anatolians ask if they can register their dog as a Kangal. In most cases, after we explain what makes a dog a Kangal Dog and the registration process, they decline to move forward with registration.

At times we have applicants who do not contact the committee before sending in Single Registration applications and payments directly to the UKC. Unfortunately, these applications seemed to get lost at

the UKC because they cannot process them without our approval and recommendation. This is very frustrating for the people involved. We continue to stress that all single registrations must go through our committee and after we are contacted, we will send out all the necessary forms, directions for payment, and the mailing address.

We also receive requests from people who have already imported a dog. In light of all the potential pitfalls a buyer can face, we continue to recommend that everyone who is considering importing first contact us. Not only can we help them avoid expensive mistakes, but we can also advise them on whether dogs with very similar lineages are already here and part of our gene pool.

Three years ago, the FCI decided that the Kangal Dog Standard would replace the former Anatolian Dog Standard. KIF issued this opinion at the time:

“All national organizations can change the documents of Anatolians as Kangal Shepherd Dog provided that the dog involved is in the standard of Kangal Shepherd dog. If not, their documents should stay the same and these dogs should NOT be recognized as an FCI breed. If those who have dogs registered as Anatolian want to breed their dogs, they should check the new standard and they should only breed the dogs which are in the standard.
We recommend all FCI judges to be informed about the new standard so that the dogs can be judged without any problem. KIF is preparing detailed breed information with illustrations and we will share it with the FCI so you can submit it to all FCI members and contract partners.“

As a result of this action, many FCI ASDs were repapered as Kangal Dogs. Unfortunately, we believe that dogs not verifiable as Kangal Dogs are now registered as such. There is also disagreement over the KIF/FCI standard; which dogs fit in it in both Turkey and Europe; and there is internal turmoil with KIF.  In addition, we are faced with the use of Photoshop to create totally fake documents and registrations, including fake FCI seals, fake kennel clubs, and stealing of KIF/FCI registration numbers and names on pedigrees.

These situations have reinforced for us the importance and value of our own Kangal Dog Standard. Dogs applying for single registration must meet our Standard. The policy and requirements for single registration will also continue to be fine-tuned as we face new challenges. We will continue to examine each dog individually to determine authenticity regardless of registration papers. We have also written several new educational articles for Facebook, our email list, and the club website to help potential buyers navigate the complex international situation when they consider importation.

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If we do a dna test and it says kangal..will that help with single dog and her mother look to be pure kangal. I was given them. I also would love to find a male. I have goats.


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Sep 23, 2022

How much does your puppies cost


Robert Dick
Robert Dick
Aug 13, 2022

Good Work Y'all ! bob

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