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The Kangal Dog

Kangal Dogs are a traditional and very old livestock guardian breed from Turkey. Noble in character and impressive in conformation, we believe Kangal Dogs combine the very best traits in a working livestock guardian, as well as a partner and companion dog.


Whether you are looking for a LGD or a very special family companion and protector, a carefully bred, authentic Kangal Dog may be the perfect choice.​ Check out the article: Is a Kangal Dog Right For Me?

We hold a friendly, educational (and very fun!) National Specialty Show where learning and meeting other Kangal owners is our main focus. You can see photos of our Specialty on the members-only Facebook page.


We also host a members-only KDCA Facebook group, publish an informative newsletter, and we partner with our Kangal Rescue in order to create an annual Kangal Dog calendar. Check out The KDCA Store for more unique Kangal products, donation options, and for annual membership options.

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