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Importation and Registration

If your Kangal Dog was bred from a UKC-registered Kangal Dog sire and dam,

your breeder will register the litter and tell you how to transfer the registration

papers to you as an owner (or co-owner). Please submit the registration changes

promptly to avoid future questions or issues of ownership. If your dog was bred

from UKC registered sire and dam, but your breeder did not register the litter,

the Single Registration committee may be able to assist you. See the appropriate

section below.

If your dog was not bred from UKC-registered dogs, you can apply to the KDCA Single Registration committee for possible registration. The UKC will only accept single registration applications with the approval of the Single Registration

Committee of the KDCA. You cannot apply directly to the UKC. 

If you plan to single-register your dog, please read the following information carefully.

KDCA Single Registration Policy Guideline

In general, the Single Registration Committee of the KDCA works with the UKC to register Kangal Dogs that are the offspring of non-UKC registered parents that are adequately documented. Usually these dogs are imported directly from Turkey, or are the progeny of Turkish imports.

Before considering importation, please read both documents: 

Fraudulent Import Pedigree Warning

KIF Pedigree Requirements

We strongly advise you to send copies of pedigrees and photos to the committee to be verified BEFORE purchase or import. The committee will examine the pedigrees carefully, research the breeder, and reach out to our network of contacts.

In a few cases, dogs presented for registration may be the offspring of purebred Kangal Dogs that were previously registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (ASDs) with registries other than the UKC. Those offspring may be processed through Single Registration and will be fully registered with the UKC provided that they meet all the requirements of Single Registration for Kangal Dogs. 

Guidelines for Single Registration

You need to submit two (2) forms, Letter of Agreement, and two (2) separate checks:

  • Form (1 of 2) UKC Single Registration form found here: 

  • Form (2 of 2) KDCA Single Registration Checklist form:

  • Signed Letter of Agreement that you will not change the registration status of your UKC Kangal Dogs

  • Check or Charge (1 of 2) payable to the UKC for the amount found on the UKC Single Registration form

  • Check or Charge (2 of 2) payable to the KDCA for $25 (KDCA members) and $50 (non-members)

  • All required information


For all dogs you must supply the following information at your own expense:


  1. Background on the dog (birthplace and current residence).

  2. Names, backgrounds, and complete photographs of the dog’s parents.

  3. Full contact information for the dog's breeder.

  4. Please indicate whether the dog’s parents have ever been registered with any organization (i.e., AKC, KIF< CKC, FCI, British KC, German VDH, etc.) Attach copies.

  5. In cases where dogs are registered with clubs or groups we do not know, buyers must provide information on the organization, including their breed standard, board members, and organization date.

  6. Copy of the dog’s official registration certificate from the organization where the dog is currently registered, if applicable. (AKC, KIF, CKC, FCI, British KC, German VDH, etc.).

  7. Copy of the dog’s shipping papers, if applicable.

  8. Any proof of origin for this dog (including the dog's place of birth, and the name and contact information of the breeder/seller) and/or pedigree information tracing back to Turkey.

  9. Applications must include a pedigree that is signed by the dog's breeder. If there are two breeders involved, applications must include a pedigree that is either co-signed by both breeders or alternatively, identical pedigrees that have been signed by each breeder individually. The UKC and the KDCA will require you to fill out as much information as possible on a 5-generation pedigree form. Please be specific about dog and owner names. Avoid single-word names. Add kennel or owner names when possible.

  10. Five color photos, showing the front, rear, right and left sides of the dog in a standing position, plus a close-up of the dog’s head.

  11. Other photos of your dog's relatives (indicate on the photos the names of each dog and their relation to your dog).

  12. A list of any litters that this dog has produced, if applicable. Include the name and breed of the sire/dam, and the names and addresses of puppy owners.

  13. In the case of younger puppies or dogs, the Committee may request additional information from applicants to be submitted for review at 1 year of age before approving permanent registration. This is more likely to occur if the Committee decides that the background information and evidence provided are insufficient or difficult to verify and if the source of the dogs is unknown or open to question.

  14. The Single Registration Committee may require additional supporting information, such as:

    1. A video (or videos) clearly showing the dog from each side (front, rear, left, right), head, teeth and bite, gaiting from all sides, and engaged in normal activities under normal lighting.

    2. A visual inspection by two club members designated as inspectors by the KDCA SR committee. The KDCA will provide contacts, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to arrange this.


Please contact the Committee via email if you have any questions about these requirements or difficulty in obtaining them.


In the interests of maintaining the integrity of the Kangal Dog registry, the KDCA Single Registration Committee may ask you further questions to clarify items, or may ask you to provide more information about certain items such a pedigree or breeder details. This is normal and to be expected. The Committee reviews applications quarterly, with each member receiving copies of all information. Your application will be included in the next quarterly review, following the receipt of ALL applications, photos and documentation.

Applicants will be asked to sign a statement declaring that they will not change the registration status of any UKC Kangal Dogs that are single registered or of any other registered Kangal Dogs that are owned or co-owned by them. Further, applicants agree that any UKC Kangal Dogs sold or given to another person by them will be accompanied with a contract that requires new owners to maintain the UKC registration status of any such dog and its progeny. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in the SR committee's refusal to consider all current and future registration applications by the applicant.

Unregistered dogs with UKC parents


The UKC and KDCA can also register dogs who were not litter registered as pups but who have two verifiable registered UKC parents. The dog must at least 1 year of age. The Single Registration committee will verify the dog’s parentage and conformance to the UKC Standard. Both the UKC single registration form and the KDCA letter of approval are necessary for registration. 
The committee requires:

  • UKC registration numbers for both parents, preferably from a copy of their UKC registrations and/or pedigrees

  • 5 photos of the dog – front view of head and forequarters, close-up of head, both sides including feet and head, and rear view

  • Completed and signed UKC single registration form

  • Signed Letter of Agreement

In order to gather more information, the committee may also request one or more of the following:

  • Bill of sale, shipping papers, or equivalent

  • A signed statement from the original breeder(s) confirming the parentage and identification of the dog, and the date of the litter  

  • Information from websites, emails, or Facebook pages confirming birthdates, puppy photos, parent-dog photos, and other information

Guidelines for the Import of Kangal Dogs

Importing a dog directly from Turkey or elsewhere is a risky endeavor, whether you have a puppy shipped to you, or pick one up personally. The result can be a wonderful puppy with the potential to be a great family or working dog and potentially a valuable contributor to our growing gene pool, but the experience can also be fraught with danger, expense, anxiety, and misrepresentation.


Before considering the importation of a Kangal, please read Fraudulent Import Pedigree Warning and KIF Pedigree Information.

  • Before you buy, check with the KDCA Single Registration Committee to make sure you will be able to register the dog after it is imported. Individuals intending to import a Kangal dog that they would like to register with the UKC are advised to contact the KDCA Single Registration Committee prior to purchasing and importing the dog in order to obtain pre-approval. Many factors can affect the Single Registration Committee's ability to recommend approval for an applicant dog's registration as a Kangal dog, and pre-approval is the best and only guarantee that the considerable expense and effort to find and import a Kangal dog will result in registration with the UKC.

  • Read all the requirements for Single Registration. Be prepared to send in all documentation.

  • Review the Kangal Dog Standard. We will not register dogs with disqualifications.

  • Know your source, and be sure about the sire and dam of your import puppy. Even people who thought they had excellent contacts have been disappointed to find out later that the pup they bought and imported has disqualifying mismarks, lack of breed type, and/or lack of documentation to prove that the dog is a purebred Kangal Dog and cannot, therefore, be registered.

  • Pedigrees from foreign countries may be counterfeits with false information about parents and registration numbers. Pedigrees may be issued from fake kennel clubs. Please check with us to confirm that a particular pedigree and foreign kennel club is legitimate before you purchase a dog from outside the country.

  • Develop contacts and mentors. You might be convinced that you have a great connection but others have thought the same and have been sorely disappointed. Be very cautious of agents who take a fee and offer to get you a dog. You should make direct, independent contact with your dog's breeder(s) to confirm all details of the dog's ownership, background, and pedigree. Get in touch with KDCA members who have “been there and done that.” Beware of those who disparage the KDCA or members of the KDCA; chances are they are defensive because it discourages you from asking too many questions or making you feel like an 'insider'. It's an old and effective tactic.

  • Do your homework. Read up on various breeders, their kennels, and their dogs, and find out if there are other imports already in this country from related lines, then check them out thoroughly. We are seeing many import dogs that are closely related to lines already present and well represented in the U.S., which increases the risk of inbreeding problems.

  • All of the above guidelines should be applied to any imported dog, not just those coming from Turkey.

  • There currently are legal restrictions concerning the export of Kangal dogs from Turkey. People who are considering bringing Kangal dogs out of Turkey need to be aware of this and check with local contacts to ensure that they will not run into problems at customs.


Important Considerations

The Kangal Dog Club of America stands with the United Kennel Club in firm opposition to the cruel, illegal, and destructive practice of dog fighting. We believe that the breeding and use of dogs for fighting is not only inhumane but also detrimental to the breed's characteristics. Dog fighting, and breeding for a fighting temperament, endangers the Kangal Dog's physical attributes, temperament and reputation, both locally and internationally. In particular, livestock guardian breeds are valued for their protective instinct towards their charges and a graduated response to perceived threats. Aggressive dogs are a detriment to the breed, a danger to people and livestock, and a liability to their owners.

In our continued efforts to protect the essential qualities of the Kangal Dog, the KDCA takes a strong stand against any breeders who produce dogs for use in fighting. Breeders producing dogs for this purpose are likely to cross breeds to produce extreme physical characteristics and aggressiveness. Dogs from these lines should not be allowed to enter the Kangal Dog gene pool as they threaten the integrity of the breed. Even if other breeds are not used, fighting dogs will be selected for characteristics that are inconsistent with the essential qualities of the livestock guardian dog, namely its effectiveness and safety as a protector with a balanced temperament and physical conformation. Club members who wish to import breeding stock from other countries, including Turkey, must be careful to ensure that they are not buying dogs from any breeders involved in this inhumane activity. Such dogs will be unregisterable.


While it may seem that the aforementioned cautions and policies present difficult and inconvenient obstructions, rest assured that the KDCA is very much in favor of importing dogs that will be an asset to the Kangal Dog breed and its reputation. We are happy to work with you and advise you in your process of obtaining a quality Kangal Dog.


Contact the Single Registration

Committee of the KDCA

The KDCA Single Registration

Committee Members include: 

Cedric Giraud

Ontario, Canada


Jan Dohner 
Dexter, MI


Sue Kocher

Raleigh, NC

Elisabeth Jensen

Lexington, KY

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